Welcome to Home Saunas UK, the last stop in design, supply and installation of
high quality, Swedish made saunas direct to the residential market.

We aim to help the average homeowner achieve well-being, peace and harmony, as well as adding value to their home.

When you are invest in our service, you are not only investing in a product, you are also investing in your health. Our suppliers have years of development experience, a relentless strive for perfection and are masters of providing relaxation year after year, for you and your health.

With over 29 years experience of designing, supplying and installing home improvements, we are known for great quality, without the big price-tag

Home Saunas UK, as the name suggests, supply a large range of infrared, traditional and custom made saunas to suit pretty much any budget.

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Interested in a your very own sauna?

Numerous medical studies prove
the health & wellness benefits of sauna.​

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