Prefabricated saunas with smart solutions for fast and easy assembly

As the name implies, the custom saunas are completely made to your specifications

The Harmony walls are constructed using an insulation with characteristics and insulating properties to ensure fast heat up times, excellent heat retention and superior energy saving.

Impression sauna room is a modular construction that simply snaps together. It can be made super compact and still contain both a traditional sauna and steam room. The impression line of saunas is available in three different sizes and a wide range of renditions

 Carefully designed, the different ranges are filled with our passion for quality and craftsmanship, demonstrated in the visual impact of the sauna and not least in the way it feel to use. 

The foundation is always there, shaped by our extensive knowledge. Craftsmanship, solid materials and attention to detail stand at the core of this convenient sauna solution for modern homes and lifestyles.

Saunas and infared saunas made to order or bespoke to your requirements

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Interested in a your very own sauna?

Numerous medical studies prove
the health & wellness benefits of sauna.​

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